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Passionate about Mobile, InsurTech and FinTech

Developed and launched new digital business (payment & content) strategy and proposition from scratch for a multinational client.

Implemented and launched the proposition commercially and successfully (success fee awarded 3 and 6 months post launch)

Developed a mobile content, payment and portal strategy

Devised primary customer research through focus groups and quantitative research

Developed consumer proposition, flexible business case and go-to-market plan

Identified, negotiated and finalised contractual agreements with multiple new partners and suppliers including 18 content providers, 1 payment aggregator, 1 portal platform provider and 1 mobile operator

Managed the product and service testing phases (pilot and beta testing)

Developed and Launched New Digital Business

United Kingdom

We partner with our clients to build internal support, get to actual issues, and reach practical recommendations. We also work with our clients to execute our recommendations too.

Built a digital-only financial services business unit from scratch leveraging FinTech including defining and developing financial/banking services including customer centric Current Account, Saving Account, Overdrafts, Short-term Loans, and Money Remittances

Strategic direction, target operating model and business plan;

Propositions, product risks and specifications and roadmap;

Governance structure and process (Risk and Product Governance Boards)

3rd party partners identification, evaluation and commercial negotiations;

Go-to-market plan and implementation.

Led the online and mobile design & testing (UX and UI) for Android and iOS

Led portfolio lifecycle management through the monitor, analysis of the performance and manage the PMO

Recruited and built the team from scratch

Built Propositions for a Challenger Bank


Developed the digital strategy and implemented group-level transformation program for a major client

Consolidated key performance data, short- and long-range plan (including scenario planning),  and commercial planning

Adopted agile project management

Supported to gain buy-in from multiple stakeholders and country operating companies


Implemented Digital Transformation Program


Developed highly targeted insurance proposition                                     as customer retention tool

Pioneered the freemium model for the client

Negotiated with different insurance providers

Refine insurance propositions working with providers

Developed targeted insurance proposition



Drafted in to re-start a much delayed product launch

Developed innovative proposition for SME and consumer segments

Responsibled for spearheading the commercial launch including finalisation of the proposition

Obtained buy-in from operating companies from different countries on a common business model and Inter-Operator Tariffs

Product launched successfully across 4 countries within the agreed timeframe

Launched a Multi-Country Innovative Mobile Offer



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Developed Mobile Payment Strategy



Developed mobile payment strategy covering  different commerce landscapes including remote (virtual POS), mobile as a POS, mobile at POS, contactless (NFC) and commerce (loyalty, couponing, transit)

Assessed and defined mobile and digital wallet roadmap

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Commercial Due Diligence




Developed investment criteria for a multinational client

Scanned and identified the market for potential targets

Sounded out targets

Conducted commercial due diligence on the shorlist

Programme managed the due diligence process engaging with audtiors, technology auditors and legal team

Developed go-to-market strategy and roadmap to enable payment for mobile and online applications with focus on generating new revenue streams

Identified and selected strategic partner encompassing payment platform vendor, aggregator, and settlemet service provider

Negotiated commercials and developed contract with mobile operators and device vendors


Developed Go-to-Market Mobile Payment


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