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Passionate about Mobile and FinTech

Everything we do is guided by our values —our unwavering commitment always to do the right thing for our clients and our people.



Passion for results, totally aligning with our clients for their success. 




Excellence. We set our standard for value creation extremely high.




Integrity. Distinguishing right from wrong and doing the right thing. We characterise our capabilities honestly.




Our Approach


We do not believe in standard templates nor standard industry responses. We believe that customised approach produces the best solutions - yielding the greatest competitive advantage and value for our clients.


Each solution is grounded on how our client’s organisation actually works and in the client’s unique position in the marketplace.


We work closely with our clients to develop new insights into uncertain marketplace and challenges, build new revenue streams and enhance the client's organisation to be more capable.

InterSkan is a management consulting firm. We are passionate about all things Digital especially in the Mobile, Payments, and Banking sectors. We are the trusted advisor to our clients in the sectors that we love.



Shaping the Future today

" ... phenomenal consultant in financial services, combines unrivalled knowledge with both strategic and tactical capability. "

Managing Director

Incumbent Bank

United Kingdom


" ... exceeded our expectations and provided a high quality work in a turbulent and changing environment... "

Head of Business Development

Global Tech Vendor


" ... The success achieved on launch was impressive... "

Head of Sales

Regional client

South Europe

" ... strong builder of relationships both internally and externally, and this makes contract and technical discussions run very smoothly. "

Regional Director

Tech Platform Provider


" ... display creativity in developing new opportunities for the company. "

Global Director

Mobile Payment & API Provider

North America

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